An Expressionist chronicle following a succubus and her victim through rebirth and undeath on a fated summer night in Brooklyn circa 1927.


The first joint independent project by Single Malt Serials and Outer Shell Pictures, La Belle Grotesque is a short live-action horror film shot entirely on location in historical DUMBO, Brooklyn. With direction and story from the imaginative mind of filmmaker Michael Stracener, and gorgeous visuals by visual artist Nishell Falcone, La Belle Grotesque brings to mind classic horror such as Vampir, Nosferatu, and The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari. Starring multiple disciplinary artists Amanda Moreau and Iris Explosion, in glorious period costumes designed by burlesque performer Wae Messed.

Upcoming Screenings:

Freak Show Horror Festival 2014 - Orlando, FL 

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